NGO ``Chance`` - Razlog will hold procedure for chosing sub-contractor unde PRAG (choice between three offers) for Organization and conduct of training ``Methods of working with people with intellectual difficulties in the context of secured work places``. Initiative under the project „Equal opportunities for the people with intellectual difficulties, Contract № PD-02-29-88/19.05.2011, project # 2007CB16IPO007-1-31, funded under Program for cross-border co-operation between Bulgaria and Macedonia, co-funded by IPP.- 19.05.2011

The primary activities of our organisation

Active participation in the creation of policies for the people with difficulties on local, regional and European level.

Provision of alternative social services.

Deinstutionalization of people with intellectual difficulties and prevention of the institutionalization of such by their families.

Participation in the social legislation preparation particularly for people with disabilities and control over the legislation applications.

Conduct of public campaigns aiming change in the attitude of the publict towards the people having intellectual difficulties.

Developlemt and application of methods, techniques and methodologies for improvement of the potential of the people with intellectual difficulties.

Интегрирано образование – достъп до качествено образование.

Участие в спортни мероприятия на местно, национално и международно ниво.

Provision of rest & holiday time for the people with intellectual difficulties.

Provision of work is specialized, protected and real work environments.

articipation and work on project under different programs in order to ensure additional financial capital for propvision of quality services for the target group.

Provision of proper trainings.