About us

The primary activities of our organisation at the current moment are

  • Active participation in the creation of policies for the people with difficulties on local, regional and European level.
  • Participation in the social legislation preparation particularly for people with disabilities and control over the legislation applications.
  • Provision of alternative social services.
  • Deinstutionalization of people with intellectual difficulties.
  • Prevention of the institutionalization of such by their families.
  • Developlemt and application of methods, techniques and methodologies for improvement of the potential of the people with intellectual difficulties.
  • Integrated education – access to quality education.
  • Participation in local, national and international sport activities and events.
  • Provision of rest & holiday time for the people with intellectual difficulties.
  • Provision of work is specialized, protected and real work environments.
  • Participation and work on project under different programs in order to ensure additional financial capital for propvision of quality services for the target group.
  • Provision of proper trainings.
  • Conduct of public campaigns aiming change in the attitude of the publict towards the people having intellectual difficulties.